ClearOne MaxAttach-Max EX Combo, Max EX and 3 Expan Kits, RoHS (910-158-500-02) New

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ClearOne MaxAttach-Max EX Combo, Max EX and 3 Expan Kits, RoHS (910-158-500-02)


ClearOne, the company that first brought you wireless tabletop conferencing, now brings you another first in innovation. Only the ClearOne MAXAttach conferencing system provides unprecedented expansion capabilities to ensure complete microphone and loudspeaker coverage. No matter where participants are seated, conversations are natural and effortless. The two phone units included in the MAXAttach conferencing system enable even distribution of microphones and loudspeakers as well as centralized access to dialing, mute and volume controls.The MAXAttach features advanced audio technology typically found only in high-end installed audio systems, including Distributed Echo Cancellation®, noise cancellation and advanced microphone activation processes.


  • Easy set up and operation — just plug the base station into a power outlet and analog telephone jack.
  • Automatic Level Control — automatically adjusts microphone volume levels based on how loudly participants in the local room are talking to improve voice quality for far-end participants.
  • Automatic Gain Control — automatically adjusts loudspeaker volume based on the incoming audio signal from the far end to provide clear, intelligible audio in the local room.