Epygi QXFXO4 4 FXO Gateway (QX-0FXO-0400) New

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Epygi QXFXO4 4 FXO Gateway (QX-0FXO-0400)



Epygi designed their QXFXO4 gateway as a modular approach to adding 4 more outside PSTN lines to office phone network by using either an Epygi IP PBX or a SIP-based PBX. When integrating the gateway with any Epygi QX IP PBX the QX gateway can be managed through the IP PBX's GUI. The system includes a firewall and can be used to IP-enable a legacy analog phone system by connecting the FXO ports to FXS extensions. This Gateway is SIP-compliant device that also includes a firewall, VPN capability and the Auto Attendant feature for two-stage dialing. Integration with any QX IP PBX is pure plug-and-play. If FXO ports are in short supply, you can add multiple gateways to the QX IP PBX, which recognizes each gateway automatically. Spec: FXO PSTN ports - 4 Ethernet LAN ports - 1 Ethernet WAN ports - 1 VPN capability Firewall Stand-alone or paired with a QX IP PBX Please view Epygi QXFXO4 datasheet for more details